Code 2.0

The book is an exploration into questions of regulation and liberty of the Internet from the perspective of a constitutional lawyer. It looks at what regulation is, how regulation happen on the Internet and in code, and how the Internet brings a new realm for which the constitutional values have not yet been defined. For me, it was an interesting look into questions

What is regulation?

Regulability is the capacity of a government to regulate behavior within its proper reach.
  • Examples of cyberspace activities and worlds where regulation has not yet been defined
  • To regulate well, you need to know:
    • Who someone is
      • identity - someone's attributes (age, SS#)
      • authentication
      • credential
    • Where they are
    • What they are doing

What are the forces that regulate behavior?

Latent ambiguity in the US constitution as pertains to the Internet

What are the risks and the possibilities for action?